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Climbing Kilimanjaro involves camping and eating outdoors, and it’s a great experience, whilst being looked after on the mountain, of getting back to nature. Unless you are on the Marangu Route, accommodation on Kilimanjaro will be in tents brought up by your porters. (Do not be tempted to sleep in any of the caves, which […]

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Safety & Security in Tanzania Tanzania is, overall, a safe country to visit. This is even more so if your visit is primarily an organized safari. Almost a million tourists visit Tanzania every year and most visits are trouble-free. Unfortunately, terrorism has become part of life in other country and it is very difficult if […]

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Visa. Transfer. Accommodation For nationals of the majority of countries, 90-day single-entry tourist visa to Tanzania is issued upon entry to Tanzania at the airport for USD 50. Citizens of the USA, however, are given multi-entry visas for USD 100. Nationals of the following countries need to get a referred tourism visa in the nearest […]

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5 Star rated African Tour Operator – See our reviews The Tanzanian visa process. Tips and recommendations For entry into the territory of the United Republic of Tanzania for tourism purposes it is necessary to have a valid foreign passport  with an expiry date of at least six more months at the moment of crossing the […]

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Many of tourists travelling to African countries are afraid of two exotic diseases: yellow fever and malaria. And if you can providently do a vaccination against the first one, but it seems impossible to avoid the meeting with the second one. What is the guarantee that the bit of the local mosquito will not bring […]