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ABOUT joining group TRAVELERS

Group joining is an excellent idea for many ways. You can save money, meet new friends, and learn about different kinds of people when you choose to take part in a group tour. It’s a perfect choice for solo travelers and couples who don’t mind sharing an African journey with like-minded people. There are available group tours for exploring the safaris in Tanzania or climbing the Mt. Kilimanjaro. Glossy Adventures Tours Trekking and Safari Travel Company can find the best accommodations, destinations, and activities for you with the best value for money. City tours, safaris, climbing, trekking, or beach trips; we have multiple options to choose from for group activities. Many travelers choose to join groups during their tours because it’s fun and it’s cheaper than regular trips.

Tour Package Month Start Date End Date Price/Person
5 Days Tanzania Mid-range Group-Joining Safari
February 14 18 US$1985
March 13 17 US$1985
June 5 9 US$1985
19 23 US$1985
July 10 14 US$1985
24 28 US$1985
August 7 11 US$1985
21 25 US$1985
September 4 8 US$1985
25 29 US$1985
October 16 20 US$1985
December 23 27 US$1985
7 Days Kilimanjaro Group Joining Tour Machame Route
June 11 77 US$1985
8 Days Kilimanjaro Group Joining Lemosho Route
July-August 30 6 US$1985


· INTRODUCE YOURSELF/CREW MEMBERS – Mention their names and Roles

· REASON FOR THE MEETING – discuss the first few days of the trip and introduction.

· EQUIPMENTS CHECKLIST – Main Luggage – is only accessible at our camp.

· WHAT TO PACK IN THE BACKPACK/ WHAT TO WEAR ON DAY ONE. Essential – water bottles, lunch box, sun block lotion, Lip balm, sunhat, rain jacket, rain trouser, sunglasses, snacks, electrolytes, and toilet paper, Valuables, small first aid kit.

· OVERROLL ITINERARY IN GENERAL – Logistics at the gate/ Day by Day – Zones, distances, Accommodation

· ACCOMMODATION – Camping/ Huts – Shared facilities/ tent/hut – For those with single supplement applies only in Hotels and Camping routes.

· WATER – Make sure to fill 3 liters every day in the morning before leaving the camp – we will help you to allocate where and how you will get clean and safe drinking water.

· TOILETS AT THE CAMPS/ ON THE WAY/ – designated and LWV. When you go for the LWV please let the Guide knows so that you do not lose the group. Washing and shower – Washing your clothes is only light ones if the weather is good, No shower

· MEDICAL ISSUES/DIETRY REQUIREMENTS – you can discuss with me here or in private as I am here in the same Hotel and ready to meet and discuss at anytime whenever you’re ready to do so. We serve BLD. FBM.

· SAFETY TIPS – drink enough water/pure water 3 liters per day, Walk slow, Put on warm layers whenever feeling cold, eat properly, allow yourself to rest, walk around the camp for at least 15 minutes after arriving to the camp and before resting or sleeping, be honest to me and our Guides to discuss any matters regarding your feeling. Mosquitoes – please make sure to have insect repellent

· Scout and sweep – do not walk in front of the scout or behind the sweep unless otherwise discussed with the leader.

· WEATHER/WHEN ARE WE STARTING WALKING IN THE MORNING/LAST DAY – The early the better due to the weather situation. Unpredictable.

· RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL – taking pictures ask or the permission and don’t give anything, Plastic bags, plastic bottles, Dust bins around the Hut, support locals buying /eating local, cultural and cultural shock, stay local, we support local in different ways.

· SAYING GOODBYE TO THE CREWS/TIPPING – On our last night – in Tanzania it is Customary BUT not obligatory please if your happy with the service given the recommendation amount on trip notes constitute a Tip for your team. Please do not feel obligated in any way to Tip, it is accepted to give more or less. I will give you 3 envelopes so that you can distribute to Leaders/Cooks/Porters. Feel free to ask for any assistance.

· Feedback at the end of the Trip. – we will love to hear from you after your trip – The Best Gift you can reward The Local team, takes only 5 minutes, this is after we get back to the Hotel and of course after Shower.


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