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Pangani is a small town nested at the Indian ocean coast of Tanzania, 45km South of Tanga. Unlike busy Stone Town and generally crowded island of Zanzibar, Pangani is much more quieter, its resorts are more secluded and the beaches are unspoiled by people, which makes it a splendid destination for total relaxation and leisure. It’s name originates from the Pangani river that flows through the northern part of this historical town, forming on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Pangani has a long history influenced by Arabic, German, Asian and British Colonial rules over time.

This picturesque town was once the center of the Swahili trade with the African mainland, but today it is a sleepy community with a few memories of its former glory. The old German administrative boma still defies the time, hidden behind the tall trees and the former prison. Old colonial houses along the main road provide the glimpse of traditional Swahili architecture, but they are deteriorating slowly, standing against the monsoon winds.


Historical town tour, where you get a chance to explore historic buildings of Pangani town, slave market, old port and slave routes

Pangani River cruising

A boat trip to Maziwe Marine Park Island for swimming, sun-bathing, snorkeling and hanging out with dolphins

Village tours, where you can experience hospitality of the Coast people and stay with one of the families to get an insight of their everyday lives, but also participate in various activities with them

Opportunity to explore the life of endangered Green Turtles includes the visits to nesting sites and getting familiar with their breeding behavior

Cycling tours around the town to the German fort, Mwera, sisal plantations Kikokwe and neighbouring villages. There are also cycling tours that can take you to Mkoma, to visit the Pemba channel, Mwanaunguja corals and bombarded German war ship on the Ushongo beach


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