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My name is Yuna Tiya (Mr.). I am an experienced & passionate Travel & Hospitality Expert, Web designer (Word press), Digital Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Travel content creator, Sustainability expert, Travel blogger and a self-acclaimed ecotourism warrior.

With over 10 years solid hands-on experience in fast-paced tourism & hospitality brands I have mastered the ins and outs of digital marketing.

With the rapidly changing digital world, online marketing can be a daunting and intimidating task especially if you don’t have the right experience – not to mention the plentiful tasks of owners and managers who need to ensure that the operations are working just as well.

Any business brand that won’t adapt to the ever-changing digital trends will get extinct in the long-run.

To build your online presence, SEO alone won’t work. Social Media alone won’t yield results. For long term results, the key is a well thought all-inclusive marketing approach.

I creatively and enthusiastically help companies handle the marketing load.


· Natural World Kenya Safaris: Website optimizations, content creation, Digital Marketing, Safari package costings, Social Media Marketing, IT Support, Managing TripAdvisor, Safaribookings, Google My Business e.t.c

· Alusi Tours & Travels Ltd (Kenya inbound & outbound tours and travel company): Domain & Hosting, Website design & optimizations, Content Creation, Digital Marketing Consultancy e.t.c

· Wookar Adventures (Kenya inbound tour operator): Domain & Hosting, Website design & optimizations, Content Creation, Digital Marketing Consultancy e.t.c

· Crown Masters Adventures (Adventure team building): Domain & Hosting, Website design & optimizations, Content Creation, Digital Marketing Consultancy e.t.c.

· Luminous Cleaning & Fumigation: Domain & Hosting, Website design & optimizations, Content Creation, Digital Marketing Consultancy e.t.c.

· And many more..


· Responsive Web Design (majoring in WordPress)

· Professional Photography

· IT support (Emails, Softwares & minor hardware support).

· Contracting & Tour Costing for East Africa Safari Packages for Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda & Rwanda.

· Social Media Marketing (Create and share engaging content on all our social media platforms on daily basis.

· Travel Blogging.

· Travel consultancy.

· Contracts Rate negotiation with suppliers e.g. hotels, airlines e.t.c.

· Reputation management i.e. requesting & responding to all customer reviews/feedback on Trip Advisor, Trustpilot,, Google reviews, Facebook reviews e.t.c.

· Social Media Strategy.

· Creative content creation.

· SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – daily updates of best Meta tags and Meta descriptions.

· Source for leading influencers like bloggers, vloggers & media sensations to partner with in promoting your brand.

· Email Marketing using Mailchimp, Constant Contact e.t.c.

· Google My Business (GMB) optimization

· Analytics, Business Intelligence & Competitive Benchmarking (Google Analytics, SEMrush, ALEXA e.t.c).

· Local search optimization

· Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Monitoring our website users’ journey to come up with CRO strategy to convert them into customers.

· Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC) – Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, Display Advertising e.t.c.


· Content Management: Produce Regular Content such as blogs and send newsletters to an existing database.

· Optimize and Widen Sales Platforms: Sign up and upload tours in relevant platforms to increase audience reach.

· Search Engine Optimization: On-page optimization of your website and all new contents to be added. Off-page optimization such as Link-building Site Audit for efficient site navigation, structure, speed, and function.

· Website Health Monitoring: Constantly checking your website for 404s; Ensuring the contact form works; Reevaluating of site navigation, design, mode of writing; Checking of overall quality.

· Social Media Management: Optimization and/or creation of the major social media profiles; Posting content from text and visuals based on season, trends, and sales objectives. We aim to increase your exposure, followers, likes, and engagements.

· Admin and Ad Hocs: We are your marketing partner and would be happy to assist whenever you need us. From recommendations of events to join, to helping you find a supplier for your needs, we are just one email and WhatsApp away.

· Content Management: Produce Regular Content such as blogs and send newsletters to an existing database.

· Optimize and Widen Sales Platforms.

· Brand Management: Help to gain more exposure for the brand through reviews and proper presentation of company image in events, brand profiles, sales platforms, etc.

· Search Engine Marketing: We can create and manage your Google Ads, Advertising budget is not included in this package.


  • Overall brand strategy from brand positioning to determining products and keyword focus
  • Regular content such as blog articles. The exact quantity and deliverables will be agreed upon.
  • SEO related tasks such as content optimization of existing content, link-building and site audits
  • Posting and managing of your major social media accounts
  • Create and optimize profile description for your brand
  • Periodic website health checking
  • Regular website updates
  • Create and manage Google Ads
  • Advertising allocation for some promotions based on our discretion
  • Signing up and optimization of sales platforms
  • Set up/optimization of google analytics
  • Set up/optimization of Search Console
  • Set up/optimization of Google Business
  • Sign up & updates in Trip Advisor, Safari bookings, Viator plus many other platforms relevant to your industry.


  • All photos and videos
  • Creation of tour packages and Itineraries
  • Server, domain, and other IT related concerns
  • Advertising budget (Google Ads, Additional ad spend for social media, etc..)
  • Actual handling of any sales-inquiries, complaints, and client feedback
  • Handling and management of sales inquiries from sales platforms
  • For accommodation properties, handling and managing of inventories such as, Expedia, etc…
  • Cost for extra job orders such as tasks that require a 3rd party resource like web designer and web developer (i.e: adding new pages; Creating brochures).


I give transparent monthly reports that details the progress of your brand such as website organic traffic and the keywords you are building on. We can see where the clicks came from among other factors. This will give you the facts you need to measure if our efforts are worthwhile.


In the long-term, yes. Unfortunately, it can take several months to a year to see results unless we do Search Marketing (Google Ads) especially if the destination / industry is competitive.


I take time to get to know my clients and the goals for their business. I don’t practice hard-sell marketing. My aim is to inform consumers about your products and in that truth, convince them of the value you will add in their experience. With this, I only work with reputable clients who share my principles.

I offer consultancy services through setting up an appointment to meet you where we give our recommendations and you do the implementations.


  1. Please note payment is made upfront for each month and can be paid via Bank Transfer, MPESA, PayPal e.t.c.
  2. While payment is in process, you can start sending us the credentials or give me admin access to your website and social media platforms.
  3. At the same time, send me your materials such as photos or videos so I can go ahead with planning your content strategy.
    NB: If you don’t have any materials, I can assist you with some and also help you to buy from resources.
  4. Relax and monitor progress. I will send a monthly report at the end of each month.

With Kind & Best Regards,

uc?id=1DihYZlGC1FuEQrHO9p57-TiB7l_ndnys&export=download YUNA TIYA (Mr.)
A seasoned, passionate & enthusiastic Travel & Hospitality guru, Sustainability expert, Results-oriented marketer, WordPress web designer, Ecotourism Travel Blogger and photographer.

Blog: Skype: Guruyuna
Location: Westlands Rd, Nairobi Kenya.

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