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Corporate Adventure Travel

Explore with and engage your business team on an immersive expedition around the world. Whether you’re hiking through Tanzania or on a multi-sport adventure in Global World Adventures, corporate adventure travel is a great way to motivate and reward your employees.


When you travel with GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking And Safaris Travel Company, you’re not only investing in your team, you’re investing in local entrepreneurs. 10% of every trip cost is invested with our local microfinance partners in order to keep travel dollars in local communities. This investment supports our fellow small business owners in locations where access to capital is not accessible. Learn more about mission here.


As you take off on your flight, prepare for a week or more of pure adventure. Our Adventures & Expeditions focus on the present — interacting with local people, getting to know your local guides, and experiencing an adventure together away from the buzzing phones Office WhatsApp and work E-mails address.


GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking And Safaris Travel Company,Expeditions is committed to providing you with access to remote parts of the world. We lead expeditions in wilderness areas where risk is inherent. To ensure a safe and rewarding trip, we provide our travelers with knowledgeable and experienced guides. We also offer reliable information about what is required to prepare for and safely undertake our expeditions, including fitness level requirements for any trek. We also provide emergency medical and evacuation insurance.

YOUR TRAVEL SPECIALIST We Offer Internet free, Rooms Free,WiFi free,HotWater free, AirConditions free, Privately Cars free for your Private Safari around Tanzania only And Local Food and Local Places and So on Special for your Tanzania Volunteers , Local Things Sleeping free in our House for free Accommodations in exchange for some very simple Tasks in the house and other external tasks with our partners on our Projects for Volunteer. #GlossyVolunteersProjects #Africa places in Tanzania.

(Notes). Donate Money about your planning to Tanzania Country on your upcoming package before starting to Volunteering here at GlossyAdventures Tours And Safaris Travel Company for Further More information… E-mail Address: adventuresglossy And WhatsApp Number Tanzania +255717468586 GlossyAdventuresTanzania: We hope all is Great do you want to known Beautifully for #Volunteering in Tanzania with Us GlossyAdventuresTanzania Tours and #Safaris Travel Company :
Hello, We are looking for Volunteers who can Vist Tanzania with Collaborate with Us GlossyVolunteers Projects In our Associations Center in @Tanzania ArushaTanzania ,MoshiTanzania- Kilimanjaro and TangaTanzania with #ZanzibarIslandTanzania.
We Offer Internet free, WiFi ,HotWater, Air Conditions, Free Cars for your Private Safari around Town only And Local Food and Local Places and So on Special for Tanzania Local Things Sleeping free in our House for free Accommodations in exchange for some very simple Tasks in the house and other external tasks with our partners on our Projects for #Volunteer.
We are a community that aims to promote physical and mental health, social action and animal aid/rescue and so on for which we promote a Team spirit and cooperations.
Our Centre in Tanzania is Located inside Cities of Arusha Town and villages, Moshi Town and Villages, Tanga Town Villages and Zanzibar Town Vacations in the Natural area of the Tourisms Industry around the World wide like Here Tanzania. There we have several workshops and a school for martial arts, GYM Fitness, Yoga and Pilates. Our main Teacher is a Shotokan ,Our Masters Do all things you need. One of them is a psychologist, an osteopath and a master of many martial arts and spirituality.
The rules in our centre are: 1. request Alcoholic

2. request smoking.

3. No drugs abuse

4. No meat and fish for Vegetarian people.

5. No violence or request

6. No spiritual fanaticism

-Are key elements of health promotion and sustainability. We need help with tasks with our partners and at the centre: gardening, animal care, cleaning, cooking, marketing and occasionally construction are basic activities that help us maintain the centre and raise funds for our main objectives: social action and animal rescue.
If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer in Our Company here at GlossyAdventuresTanzania Tours And Safaris Travel Company: One thing we would like you to know is that we want you to be part of our places; we don’t want you to be here just to take care of the tasks and works. We want you to be able to integrate into our Team GlossyAdventures Tours Tanzania and Safaris Travel Company and make your day-to-day life fun and fulfilling New things and explore new places and Meet with our New People.
You will be with an international Team of people here At GlossyAdventures Tanzania.
If you are interested, Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you would like to come and we can talk some more about your upcoming trip to Africa places.
Tanzania Arrival day We will pick you up from the Airport (Kilimanjaro international Airport) heading to Arusha City Or Moshi, Tanga and Zanzibar where you will spend your first night before starting Your Programs Services of Volunteering on the Next Day. Overnight: At a Self House Lodge or program. Please notify on Us , Meals : All provides
Kindly Contact Us for your Travel Related Queries ! Thank you for your message. We’re Available right now, We will respond to you As soon As possible ,Corporations *Smiles is Our Love, Join, Enjoy TOURISM *WE*Together for Better Tomorrow.

*@GlossyAdventures Incredible Tanzania #Tours Programs
E-mail Us* adventuresglossy

*We are Online 24/°Hours in 7days of the Weeks. Office WhatsApp Number is in #Tanzania +255717468586 @GlossyAdventuresTanzania @Tours & @Safaris @Travel @Company.
E-mail Us* contact
*Our Offices Locations At -Arusha,Tanzania Njiro-Hill-Road Moshi,Tanzania Kilimanjaro with Tanga,Tanzania BeachRaskazoni And #ZanzibarIsland @Tanzania BeachHolida.ys

GlossyAdventuresTanzania Tours and Safaris Travel Company Limited in Tanzania.
Website :
For our Tour packages.

Website : For Hotel Booking AND AirTickets.

Flights linck

Our E-mails to reach Us.
You’re warmly welcome to GlossyAdventuresTanzania Tours Trekking and Safaris Travel Company.
The Offices E-mail Address:


The Main Office WhatsApp Number is +255717468586
Headquarter Office in Arusha-Tanzania Njiro-Hill-Road:
Branch Office Shan’tTown in Moshi-Kilimanjaro,Tanzania
And Headquarter Office in Tanga,Island Beaches Raskazone Areas within
Branch Office in Zanzibar Island BeachesTour in StoneTown in Tanzania.
I will be more than happy for you to visit my website.
And just open the CV Attachment to see my Registion of our Company.
We truly hope that our two Companies, Can work together in the very best Futures together.
Thank you for your time and consideration, We look forward to hearing from you.

Rashid Khamis Mbarouk,
The Founder-CEO of the GlossyAdventuresTanzania Tours Trekking And Safaris Travel Company Limited in Tanzania.
You’re warmly welcome to GlossyAdventuresTanzania Tours Trekking and Safaris Travel Company.

We thank you for Considering to GlossyAdventuresTanzania Tours Trekking And Safaris Travel Company Limited in Tanzania For your Tanzania Holidays.
Thank you for Choosing Tanzania Safaris Adventures for Your Structure off our Trip on your Dream to Travelling your African Safari with Us in Tanzania Tour Programs.

Let’s Us starting by giving you some General Informations About Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Or Do an WildLife Animals And Beaches Holidays in Zanzibar Island Or Tanga Island, Hot Air Balloons, DayTrip, SportTours, CarHire, AirportsTransfer, Hotel Booking, Equipments Gears with MUCH more BRANDS in Tourism Trips in Tanzania Safaris.

We appreciate your Considering of Using Our Team – GlossyAdventuresGroupTeam around the Global in world wide of wonderful Team Professionalism in Tour Operators and Tour Organizers under the Tour Guides All Crews to Accompany you up to the Package you Request or Booking with Us in Tanzania Tour Programs At GlossyAdventuresTanzania Tours Trekking And Safaris Travel Company Limited.

Our 2021 – 2022 Goal is to Use 100% to Benefit Peoples and Have A Happy For Our Travellers -Tourists -Guests -Clients or Customers All over Around the Global world wide.

Welcome to Tanzania -Karibu Tanzania – This greeting Meeting you Everywhere in Tanzania.

Let’s chat to get the best packages you deserve.
Contact Us Today to Arrange the Adventures of our Dream Together to your SAFARIS PROGRAMS Planner.

Contact Us by E- mail Office is adventuresglossy

with Phone Number Office WhatsApp is +255717468586 or Call us in Directly normal calli is +255735208586through Our Website Form Below And We are Online 24-/Hours in 7seven Days of the Weeks anytime.
We are waiting for your Enquiry or Request and Quarter Today.

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