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Before or after your Kilimanjaro climb and Safari in Tanzania join us to meet indigenous people and experience the African culture, norms and traditions that will make your adventure unforgettable.

In northern Tanzania, you will find the Maasai and Chagga tribes, beautiful rivers, hot springs and ridges – all offering the best view point of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru

We offer the following Cultural tours

Nature Hike, where you can hike to the local mountain and see the countryside

Study tour, including learning about the lives of the indigenous tribes, what has changed over the years and how the tribes are handling these many changes.

Traditional Food, the food will depend on the particular tribe you are visiting.

  • The Chagga tribe – Eat Machalari (Fresh banana mixed with beef).
  • The Maasai tribe – Eat meat (barbeque meat as well as cooked meat and soup).

Farm Tour (Shamba tour), here you can observe local farmers working in their fields, hoeing the land and keeping their domestic animals.

Both Maasai and Chagga culture tour, including arts & crafts and traditional dance. You will be invited with them to watch the dance and arts and crafts or participate.

Historical information (from our museum), where you can learn about Tanzanian life and surviving.

Kilimanjaro Marangu route Day Hike (Full day tour)
If you don’t have the time or desire to climb to the summit of Kili, and then take opportunity to hike along the Marangu Route to the first base camp in one day. You will hike through the montane rainforest where you can be able to spot black and white Colobus monkeys along the way. When you reach camp, hike around to the Maundi Crater, enjoy your lunch, and then descend for your evening return to Moshi. This activity can be done with anyone with good physical condition from the age of 10 years and above. This can be done for the maximum of 10 hours a day.

Materuni village – Coffee Tour & Waterfall Hike (Full day tour)
About 40 minutes driving from Moshi town to Materuni village to experience coffee activities including coffee growing, preparation, roasting and drinking it. Coffee in Tanzania was introduced in numerous regions by the missionaries back in the 19th century. In the North of the country, they chose the arable lands of the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro which is now the coffee-producing center of the country. This activity may be done for half day or a full day. A full day tour will enable you to do both coffee tour and waterfall trip at no extra charges. This activity is perfect for anyone from 10 years and above.

Kikuletwa Hot Spring Day Tour

Kikuletwa hot spring is among the best natural water springs found in the Kilimanjaro region though here there’s not much to explore thus just be ready to spend the day swimming in the kikuletwa natural hot water spring,kikuletwa
Day 1- you will be picked up in your hotel in Arusha/Moshi take a dive to small town called Boma ng’ombe the take dust road and drive for about 30 minutes through the local villages once approaching the hot spring you will also see some onions farms, arrive at the kikuletwa hot spring have your swimming gears on and start enjoying most of the time here spent on swimming and rest on the mattress have nap then get back swimming till your body says yes it’s enough then get in the vehicle start the drive back to hotel where the tour ends.

river swimming


Shira Plateau Day Hike

  • Get a taste of trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro without climbing all the way to the top. This day hike to the Beautiful Shira Plateau begins at 3500m and take you through the climb-steppe on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. This Plateau stretches out over 13kms to the west of Kibo at the elevation of 3962M. Shira Plateau shown the remains of half millions year ago.
  • The day starts early with pickups in Mosh/Arusha then a 3hrs/4hrs drives through the agricultural areas at the base of the Mountain. Observe variety of local agriculture, from hand-tilled small holdings to large commercial farms before giving way first to plantation forest and finally to indigenous forest. Once through the different layers of vegetation from thick mountain forest with lowering trees, gradually giving way to the giant health.
  • The guide will carry trail food and a picnic lunch and each hiker needs a small rucksack to carry water, warm clothes and full waterproofs, the weather can change incredibly quickly. Later afternoon back to Moshi/Arusha with our car

Price Includes

-Private guided trek with transportation.

-All park entrance fees

-Picnic lunch and 2 little of bottled water.

-Hotel pick up and drop off (7am to 8pm

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