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Hello dear friends and partners nice to meet for Everyone here,
I am Founder -@CEO Mannager Director of GlossyAdventures Company But also Mountain Guide as well Safaris Guides ,Trip organizer & Wildlife Safari All in all Apart of that I am working in helping Orphans to Childrens.

Let’s Go to the Points
*The first thing to research fly to visit Tanzania in your country Or Airline Website or Travel Agencys.
Once you tell me the day which you will come arrivel and the time
I will go to Kilimanjaro AirPort to wait and pick you then
We will go to the Hotel i booked for you then We will give you informations and Briefing about Kilimanjaro Or Wildlife Safaris.
if you will rest one day before Climb Kilimanjaro or Your Wildlife Safaris expedition Programs Game Driving in then Parks.
,Forexample of Flights which you will use is
1,Qatar Airways
2,Turkish Airline
3,Fly Dubai Airlines
4,Delta Airline
5,KLM Airplane
6,Emirates Airlines
7,Tanzania Airways
8,Ethiopia Airways
9,Kenya Airways,
Another things to prepares Your VISA ,
Tanzania need entry VISA and you can apply it VISA from nearest Tanzania Embassy or Travel Agencys from your County.

2,The second equations
about equipment if you have own that is better if you have not we will go to hire the equipments for you for your Kilimanjaro Climbing or Safaris Geme Driving .But you will pay extra money for equipments and Your friends if you will come with them ,( I mean Joining Groups ).
And the following thing you must have like Passport number, Camera, Day pack bag, waterproof boot, Big bag, Walking stick,sp Sleeping bag and Mattress, Warm Clothes, Skin pens, Down jacket, wind block clothes ,Bottleof waters 4, or 5 litters ,Small first Aid Kit, Sun grass , Warm hat, Enough souks , Burn sun cream, Groves and some snacks your Own.

Notes : this Advices
But the most important thing to be mental physical preparations ,Which means your body preparations ,
Do an exercise daily two weeks before going hiking Kilimanjaro,
Rest two days before traveling to Tanzania to Climb Kilimanjaro.
3,Climbing Kilimanjaro it will depend with route ,
We have six routes to Successfully Top summit of African peark Roof of Africans.
1-Machame route
2-Marangu route
3-Lemosho route
4-Rongai route
5-Umbwe route
6-NorthernCircuit routes
Examples of which routes you will visit to Climbing follow as
1 ,Machame route it will cost $… dollar per person
but If you will come in a group it will be $…
and You will take 6-7 days
2,Marangu route it will cost $… dollar per person and
If you will come in a group it will cost $… and you will spend 5-6 days,And that money you pay for
1,Transport from ( KIA) Kilimanjaro International Airport
up the Hotel Arusha Or Moshi hotel
2,Residence and Food,
3,Park fees and Your crew which means Guide,Cook,Porters.
And also Transport again from hotel to the gate of the mountain ,
And last day also from the gate of mountain to the hotel after finished your climbers and Then From Arusha Or Moshi hotels to the Kilimanjaro International AirPort[KIA] For Your Departures
That is the end of work which is you are going to back at your country home.

Important notes
But all in all I want to advice you if you want to climb Kilimanjaro you can use Marangu route because there is a little bit steep ,
That is up and down ,The summit day is long day but there is problem the better to be patient.
But if you want to Enjoy your climb to the Mountain Kilimanjaro Machame route is the Best route. because there is many attraction compares with Marangu route and You will see Shira Plateaus and You will see good view of the Mountain ,and The summit day its Shorter than Marangu .

Your Itineraries
Its starting from Kilimanjaro International AirPort to the Arusha Hotels or Moshi hotel, Then the Next day you will start Or Rest before climb ,
If you will climb, We will pick up you at the any hotel Bokked for you to Kilimanjaro Gate then you will start to Go the first camp up to the Summit then to go out of the park once you made it at the top but here note in your brain tip for your crew that is Guide ,Cook ,Porters and how you are Tipping ?

Tippings for Crews
1,Guides Senior or Assistant Guide it will cost 20-25 $ Dollar per a day
2,Cook it will cost 15-18 $ dollar per day
3,Porters it will cost 10-8 $ day per a day
You are welcome my friends,
That is what you fill your dream to climb kilimanjaro or Mount Meru As well as You will interesting to see your Animals Wildlife Safaris expedition Programs in The National Parks. You can Enjoy Beaches Holidays in Zanzibar Holiday Tours or Tanga Tanzania.
I try to find Partnership to make this Business of Tourism industry business to buiness Partner’s Together And Searching some people who interesting ,Want to do SAFARI in African Safaris expedition Programs in here Tanzania OR Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro Tanzania and Mount Meru in Tanzania is famous for Tourism industry .
We have many attraction like the highest mountain in Africa that is Mt.Kilimanjaro ,Ngorongoro conservations Ares ( Crater ) ,Serengeti National park, Manyara national park, Arusha National Park, All of them you will see Animals
,Beaches Holidays Zanzibar, Sport Tour Bike Tour, DayTrips, Volunteers Programs and Much more Trips to Tanzania Safaris expedition Programs, welcome always and enjoyable GLOSSY ADVENTURES Company with Us.
Please share or connect me with your friend who need mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Or Wildlife Safaris expedition Programs, We will Work with them for Trust and Decently Partnership through in our Company.
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Contact Office E-maill is

Office WhatsApp Number Tanzania is +255717468586.

Thanks you

The Founder – CEO – Manager Director of GLOSSY-ADVENTURES Company in Tanzania Tours African Safaris expedition Programs.

Rashid Khamis Mbarouk @CEO .

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