Food And Accommodation On Mount Kilimanjaro Climb
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Climbing Kilimanjaro involves camping and eating outdoors, and it’s a great experience, whilst being looked after on the mountain, of getting back to nature.

Unless you are on the Marangu Route, accommodation on Kilimanjaro will be in tents brought up by your porters. (Do not be tempted to sleep in any of the caves, which is against park regulations.)


Generally we camp in tents, it is the only accommodation available on the Machame, Lemosho and Rongai Route. Camping is liberating and really makes you feel as if you are on an expedition! Nothing to worry about, it is enjoyable and hygienic and there is enough privacy and comfort. If you haven’t camped since being in the Scouts or Guides the word should not be associated with hardship or discomfort. Most worries are dispelled on the first day. The tents are two-person North Face mountain tents and we provide comfortable foam mattresses with waterproof covers.


The huts on Mt Kilimanjaro are wooden buildings with bunks and mattresses and only available on the Marangu Route. Similar huts are also used on Mt Meru. They are dry and warm and can sometimes be crowded. Ten to fifteen people can be accommodated in each dorm and there is no pre-allocation of beds, it is first come first served, so expect to be sharing your hut with strangers.


Nearly all the campsites now have newly constructed toilets and most offer both sit down western style and hole in the ground long drop facilities, which to be honest are a lot cleaner to use. No longer is it a case of wooden huts with no doors! It is important to take a torch with you at night and take a responsibility to keep the huts clean. Going to the toilet behind a bush is strictly forbidden and the Ranger has the authority to send people off the mountain if they are caught, and fine the company. On request we can bring up our own toilet tent for teams however most people now prefer the new on campsite loos.


All rubbish is collected by the staff and carried down the mountain. Do not throw rubbish down the long drop (toilet paper is fine) and make a habit of picking up litter that you see on the trail. The responsibility for keeping Kilimanjaro clean is on the shoulders of every visitor.


There are plenty of hotels in Arusha and Moshi towns Crucial Tours shall be more than welcome to book one for you.


All our food is fresh and the meals are tasty and well prepared and served in comfortable mess tents with tables and chairs. We want you to enjoy your holiday on climbing Kilimanjaro and that means good food! Our cooks are all well experienced in Western tastes so expect as an example a soup starter with bread, tomato and avocado side salad followed by chicken casserole with boiled potatoes and julienne carrots with a fresh fruit medley to finish with, and coffee and chocolate for supper.

If you have dietary preferences then do write this on your Booking Form. The cooks can easily cater for most preferences, although celiac should bring their own snack supplies from home as gluten free snacks can be hard to source in Tanzania.

Sweets and chocolate are all available in the shops, as are things like batteries, but you may want to bring your own supply from home.
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