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We are Tours and Travel Safaris Company, We are working with all Tourism Companies and Governments agencies to make this a reality! Pleased visit our offices at Njiro Hill road – Olorien Areas #GlossyAdventures in Specialist Company Based in African countries from our Head Quarter Office Company in #ArushaTanzania ,We have Expands to our Branches Offices Locations here also in Tanzania, Our Branches is in Shan’t town Areas #MoshiKilimanjaro Tanzania , Raskazone Areas in #Tanga_Beach Island Holidays And StoneTown Areas in #Zanzibar_Beaches Island Holidays in Tanzania for Tour Programs, We have happy to Announce that we organizer all Trips on Tour Packages from as you feels on your Dream Traveling to #Africa Itineraries and all tour programs arranged from your request and Booking hotels rooms with us from a Numbers of Days Safaris 1 day to 15 days and Numbers of Peoples – Visitors Or More and Trekking Mountain Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru and Mount Kenya, Holidays Beaches Islands , Also Short DayTrip Safaris as you feel to #Cycling BikeTrip on our #SportTours projects, Hot Air #Balloons its Feel Awesome To Do Safaris from The Sky to see a Clouds from God Creatures,All in all We Ranting a #Equipments and Gears for All #Adventures plans, We have Car Hire and Car Rentals , Airports Transfers pick up and Dropping off, from Northern Safaris Tanzania and #Zanzibar Islands to Southern Parks Mikumi , Saadan, Selous and Ruaha, At reasonable Rates….
Your warmly and mostly welcome to Tanzania and Zanzibar….
All rates quoted are per person (1) one Trip to travel in our Tour Programs Itineraries and includes within a Nights stay at Hotel in basis Bed and Breakfast half Bord or Unless Otherwise Fully Border Started Prices Ranges form our fully Package’s Rates are Subject to itineraries in respect of both International tourism packages with Hotel Bookings Rooms and Local Trend of Business , Your warmly welcome to GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking and Safaris Travel Company in Tanzania & East African countries Kenya Safaris and Uganda Safaris.
Confirmation is better Guaranteed upon written Confirmations, If the Request of the Tour packages Or Booking of the Tour Services it will show us, you are really informed to be Confirmed to our Offices Company And Deposit of 50% to Secure your reservation Credits Facilities full system will be extended Only to our Company’s with an Account with the Tour Company at GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking and Safaris Travel Company For Tour packages and Hotels tour Services Cancellation Done Between 10 – 14 Days before Arrival at Airport and Pick up you to Transfers to our office / hotels we booked for you , Arrival will be charge 50% of invoice value ,Cancelation Done between 0 – 8 Days before Arrival in our office company / Hotel Bookings rooms, Arrival will be charged 100% of invoice Value.
Your warmly welcome to GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking And Safaris Travel Company in Tanzania ,And East African Countries in General Kenya Safaris and Uganda Safaris in African Corporations.

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