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Hello my Dear Friend Partners and Travel Manager Directors + Travel Agencies around the Global in Economics growths in Tourism Business industry Sectors
It’s Me Rashid Khamis Mbarouk the Founder – CEO – Owner " Manager Director of the GlossyAdventures.Com Company , I would like to tell you that… I’m waiting for your Clients for Northern Circuit safaris , Southern Circuit Safaris and Western Circuit Safaris in Tanzania. Can you please , I want to know from you about to Confirm all your Booking Trip to Northern Tanzania Safaris, Southern Tanzania Safaris and Western Tanzania Safaris from your Clients booked the Trips to Tanzania, (I mean Travelers – Customers) to working with us in these festival Seasons in Tanzania MainLand Safaris + Beaches Holidays Trips, The Seasons its already Starting from A Mid May 15 Date up to dates June , July , August , September , October, November , December – January and February to Mid B March 15 Date,When the Low season enter in Tanzania…
The Big Low Seasons in Tanzania Entry From Mid March 15 Date To April and Mid May 15 Date.The Rain Seasons its start in TANZANIA.

We would like you to Bring more Tourists in Tanzania through in our Travel Company here At GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking & Safaris Travel Company: We are already to work on that and We know the travelers what needs in their requests for the Tour packages and Itineraries in oder all Programs in Tourism Activities attached like these are ( Private Solo -1 Single Traveller ) Couple Traveler’s Friends, Family Travellers Relationship ) And Group Joining in Partnership of Traveler’s. Our Team GlssyadventuresGroupTeam of Staff Tour Operators , Organizers and Travel Freelancers , Tour Guides -Safaris Guides and Mountaineer Guides ,Porters and So on as in our Team Members (CREWS of GlossyAdventures Take ready to go Everywhere on Adventures Places to handle – Caring and -Works hader for our Clients touched in their Holidays planning to African Safaris over all Tanzania Regional and EastAfrica Countries Kenya Safaris and Uganda Safaris,Trying to work with us in this years to see how our Company Doing….! on Tourism Business Industry Together we can Growing up inside and outside to be the Top Companies in Global Tourism Business industry Sectors together.

Please :
We are looking for your full Feedback and Important Details for Agreements from you and both of us soon.


Your warmly and Most Welcome to Tanzania Safaris Country,
But also Don’t forget to Sales Combinations Tours To all Orders for EastAfrica Countries -Kenya Safaris Country Uganda Safaris Country, We have good passionate Team over there work with us:

Respond it my dear Boss (TRAVEL AGENCIES AND PARTNERS)

Answer all Questions on-time , When you receive it on time. Be Touched by Keep it up.

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