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How Climbing Kilimanjaro Can Change Your Life Adventure Climbing Kilimanjaro

One in four hundred trillion. Those are the chances of you being born. Yes, you’re a miracle. However, more often than not, we all spill out our precious lives over the wrong pursuit. Being neck-deep in work, have we forgotten what lies at the very depths of our pool of desires? Isn’t it funny that while we should be driving our commitments, our commitments drive us instead? What if we were dead one day and all we ever did was chase deadlines? Have we blended into a system where what we must do has taken over what we want to do?

What if you turn back and find out that you didn’t make time to soak in a still night and count the stars, or to take a life changing dip in a clear glacial pool at an untouched mountain range, or to venture beyond opinions, limits, if’s, how’s and however’s, to do what you truly love? Let’s not be the ones to carry the weight of regret to the grave. Break free of the labyrinth of limits drawn out by those around you. Leave and relieve yourself! It’s time to drop your chains and grab everything that the world holds in store for you – every adrenaline rush, every soul stirring silence, every life transforming journey. Far, far away does not have to be a part of a fairy tale.

Luckily for you, the perfect adventure that follows your heart’s compass is right around the corner. Mount Kilimanjaro, being the world’s largest free standing mountain makes the perfect quest to quench your thirst for a conquest. Riddled with some mischievous trials, the Kilimanjaro trail puts your strength and integrity to the ultimate test and conjures the best out of you. Climbing Kilimanjaro tears your into pieces and puts you at peace all in the same time. Winding through the tricky trail while you’re unwinding from within, climbing Kilimanjaro is a making and breaking journey. From feeling terrible to feeling terrific, your way up is going to put you through a swarm of emotions and transform ‘Can I?’ to ‘I Can’ in your perspective. Most importantly, the peak drives you to pick yourself up no matter what.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is breathtaking and very literally so. At a daunting height of 5,895 metres, the altitude makes your breathing erratic, turns a good night’s sleep into a luxury and robs you of your appetite. After stumbling through sand and pebbles, crumbling with exhaustion and fumbling through sleepless nights, it takes a lot just to keep moving, to fight the height and beat the odds. The Kilimanjaro climb is full of ‘Ow’ and ‘Wow’ moments. But it is sure to unleash that immense potential locked up within you and teach you to reach out for the dauntless rebel in you. Pay the price and you’re bound to behold the most spellbinding prize you’ve known. Shoot up your chances at catching glimpses of the shooting stars and make it a wish come true.

Gaze at the endless sea of stars and be assured to be star struck for all the years to come! Wander through constellations as you wade through the milky way galaxy in full glory. En route to the summit, brace yourself to be held hostage by the beauty and vastness of the ecosystem that Kilimanjaro treasures. Sit back and treat your eyes with breathtaking sunsets offering panoramic views all set to enchant you in ethereal scenic beauty. Kilimanjaro celebrates diversity like no other mountain, as it hosts as many as five climatic zones and boasts of an assortment of vegetation, making it one of the best hikes in the world.

While you start climbing Kilimanjaro by driving amidst lush plantation, you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by tall trees in a thick forest painted in all hues of greens only to be transported to a place abundant with heather shrubs as high as 10m in a rocky trail. Gloat with the clouds as they float before your eyes! The next pit stop for change is the desert in the mountain,(yes! you read it right) where the greenery is definitely deserted, but comes with a temperature that sets the mercury soaring high in the morning and dramatically dip to sub zero temperatures by the night. In the end, find yourself in the place you dreamt of, the prized peak enveloped with snow and moonlight dancing off the glaciers. Yes, all of this in one single trek. Watch yourself transform as you converse fluently with Mother Earth while she imparts a zen like patience to help you become adept at adapting change.

Wake up to brilliant sunrises and experience an out of the world feeling as you witness landscapes so surreal from the top of Africa. Lie in the lap of Mother Earth and yap happily about all the surprises that is bestowed upon you. Climbing Kilimanjaro is not a vacation you take, rather an experience you earn.

With the proud peak standing at the helm of Africa as the highest stand alone mountain in the world, climbing Mount kilimanjaro requires physical fitness and mental stamina. Enjoy the high as you go higher and higher while you ascend a whooping 5000 ft all in one day. Fall down only to pick yourself up,beat the altitude blues with the right attitude and watch yourself succeed even when technology, gadgets and gizmos fail. From fellow trekkers to porters to buffaloes to monkeys to exotic birds to insects,everything finds a place under the roof of Africa.

Climbing Kilimanjaro and taking on this daunting giant is no child’s play, but is sure to invoke a childlike enthusiasm in one to make it to the top. As you stand before the mighty mountains with your eyes fixated, it is at that moment when it actually hits you that you are a miniscule in this wide universe and every problem you worried about ceased to exist and is generously belittled. See yourself glow as you persevere through the severities and grow despite them time and again. Whichever route you might choose to take, it constantly challenges you and pushes you to stay ahead of the curve to beat the odds.Hence, it is agreed that a climb to Kili changes you as a person and rejuvenates your soul by imparting humility that will help you take on the world with a fresh perspective and a renewed vigour.

Kilimanjaro has also captured the interest of several celebrities like Jessica Biel and Emile Hirschs who say that reaching the summit was one of the best moments of their life and have rejoiced the happiness after all those long excruciating and physically gruesome moments. Laura Prepon, the face of the best selling show “Orange is the New Black” says that agreeing to trek Kilimanjaro in the spur of the moment was one of the best decisions of her life as she believes that the climb offered her a fresh perspective.

As every sharp turn gives you a new insight, every steep ascent calmly tells you that you are inching closer and closer to your goal, every fall only means you are still trying and every step you take despite the harsh climatic conditions further reaffirms that you have it in you to pick yourself up and conquer everything you’ve set your eyes on. They say faith can move mountains. Well, Kilimanjaro will move you like no other! From some soul stirring moments to jaw dropping moments, get set to be mind blown, as Kilimanjaro is bound to proffer a lot of eye openers that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

In short, don’t fall short in life by not taking a vacation that will truly change your life. Mark your calendars and set out, to leave a mark on yourself. Pack your bags and brace yourself to embrace everything that Kilimanjaro offers.

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