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Tanga Town at Sand bank Island

Tanga Island is bathed by the warm currents of the equator. The coral reefs offer exhilarating scuba diving and snorkeling within a short boat ride from most beaches. Scuba is most spectacular off Tanga Island, however for scuba beginners the safe calm waters of Tanga are recommended as the current off shore from Pemba can be strong. Snorkeling is best however off Tanga Island, whose eastern barrier reef encloses a series of shallow and sheltered tidal lagoons home to an abundance of colorful marine life.

• 09:00-Meet at your Hotel or Reskazon Beach and walk to the boarding point.
• 09:15 – arrive at the boarding point and guide briefing and head to do snorkeling near Island for about an hour.

When arrival start snorkeling at coral reef point with sail or machine to drive you in all interesting place at sandbank for watching and catching various fish.
12:30 – Lunch prepared at the sand bank.
. Afterward relax and swim around the sand bank.
• Set sail back to Tanga Town.
• 16:30 – Arrive back at the boarding point.

This is great for exploring on foot and in kayaks, but inconvenient for swimming, which over the years has probably been the single biggest complaint that the island has received from visitors. The issue has been much alleviated in recent years by the fact that resorts, lodges and even some guesthouses now have swimming pools. There are also plenty of resources such as this where you can find out about the nature of the beaches in advance and choose to stay elsewhere if you think it might bother you.

It should also be pointed out that for large parts of the year the beaches can become strewn with seaweed… something which is a lot more common in the tropics than the glossy publications would lead you to believe. Most good lodges clear the seaweed after every tide, which is an incredible and endless task, but one deemed necessary in order to fulfill guest white-sand expectations.

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