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We are looking for International Volunnteers to come and offer their time to our Educations, Helping building and women empowerment programmes in Tanzania sand HIV Aids, Supporting Our African #Projects in Tanzania Community Centers
Tanzania-expeditions /volunteer-programs-in African -tanzania/
Looking for an Internship with high value work #Experience and a purpose.? Spend your summer with Us at the Volunteers Projects in of Programs
Tanzania Arusha Town Headquarters in #TANZANIA, #GLOSSYVOLUNTEERS .
Internships are available for: Information Technology Intern, Sustainability Intern, Fundraising Development Intern, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Intern, Legal Intern, Operations Intern
To learn more search our opportunities at
This includes teaching english languages Kids, Home less, Hunger and HIV Aids with Many more Programs and career jump start (#vocational training) programs.
In return, Volunteers will gain an insight to typical Tanzanians culture, New life experience and Meet New people, New Places

#Volunteers must be genuinely interested in working with childrens, adults and youths and must be willing to stay a minimum of 1 month to 3 monthly or 6 monthly and 2 years above.
By staying with Us and other people as one big happy family, you will experience first-hand the friendliness of Tanzanians.
Some of your best friends will be #Tanzanians,
They will often take you out for exceptional food, help you explore the local area and be your translator whenever you need it. They will make our town feel like such an exciting place every day. With them, you can exchange languages, and even your rich #cultures.

If you are interested, please feel free to Contact Us. Tanzania Office #WhatsApp on +255717468586 Or
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Tanzania-expeditions /volunteer- programs-in African-Tanzania.

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