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Welcome to Kilimanajaro National Park..!
ou are now at the Foot of the Highest Point Mountain in Africa, Snow Caped and World Highest Free-Standing Mountain Volcano ;The Kilimanjaro Climbing to the Top which is far up into the Sky it’s a Lifetime Experience that No one Can Forget. The Tanzania National Parks, Offers and We Arrange of Tourism Activities Including Mountain Climbing , Paragliding , Mountain Cycling Bike Tours, Crater Camping , Mawezi Mountain Peak Technical Climb, Shira Plateau day visit and natural walk in Mountain Forest.

The Park was Established 1973,Offiacial Open for Tourism in 1977,declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 and Naturals Wonders of Afria in 2013. Its size 1688km2]

The Park can be accessed by road or flight Via Kilimanjaro International Airport about 45km from Moshi Town to the western. The park Heard Quarter and one of the ascending Gate are at Marangu Route, from moshi town to Marangu Gate About 41km and 86 from Kilimanjaro International Airport To Reach on Gate. The Others Seven Gates of climbing Kilimanjaro ara Machame route, Lemoho Route, Rongai route, Londorosi Route , Shira Plateau Route and Umbwe Route.

There are two rainy Seasons in a years mainly influenced by the Prevailing Trade Winds. The short rainy season from Mid- October to November and Wet Low Seasons Starting Mid- March to April and May these Mounths A Bit Wet Season Off During which it rains in Tanzania around the mountain base and Snow Accumulate on its peak… {The Dry Seasons }Note High Seasons ON Starting From Mid May – June , July , August , September , October, December and January , February to Mid- March seasons Close, To Early March during which the nights area cool and the days completely clears and this providing good climbing Conditional, Welcome to Tanzania Country ,Tanzania is Best Country with So Much To Show Adventures is an Altitudes..!

The Park is endowed with a diverse variety of attractions ranging from terrestrial wilderness to Permanent Glaciers on the Mountain Peaks.

KIBO Peak,
The highest peak Point 5895m Uhuru] is covered by snow throughout the years through located near the Equator and to many Climbers Conquering this peak is an Adventures of their LifeTime.
Second Peak is in Mawezi Peak 5149m] is rugged and Opened for Technical Climb. Mawezi is highest Peak on Mountain Kilimanjaro the Technical Climbers can Hike the Present seven sub-peak enjoying the Views of Cliffs, Complex of gullies and rock faces. {Three3 peak is Shira plateau 3962m] Is the oldest Peak that Collapsed and forms Shira plateau with outstanding scenic beautifully of the mountain with several kinds of the migratory larges Mammals such as Buffalos, Elephants and Especial elands
A wide band of exceptionally beautifully montage forest encircles the whole of Kilimanjaro from about 1800 – 2800m. The forest zone is worth a visit even if you are not climbing to the peaks. The present natural trails in particular take you though this forest belt. This belt support several plant species , including endemic plants like Impatiens kilimanjari.

The park harbors a total number of 179 bird species inhabit the different vegetation zones. At high altitudes , the White Necked Raven , Lammergeyer and Alpine Chat are Common. Also in Mountain Kilimanjaro inhabit 140 species of Mammals, 7 primates, 25 carnivores , 25 antelopes , and 24 species of Bat. Hikes may see Various Animals Including The Black and White Colobus Monkeys , Blue Monkeys , Forest Duikers and small Mammals like Myosorex zinkii which is endemic to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Five eco-climatic zones take you to the equivalent a trip from the Equator to the arctic in a brief Tour. As one Climb Kilimanjaro, Venations and Weather changes in response to the changing elevations from mountain forest , heath and moorland , Alpine desert and the Summit zone arctic. The Mountain Peak is Covered by Snow all the Years Around.

On two wheels a tourist can cycles to the Roof Of Africa’ Summit Top Uhuru Peak, There are two routes which are used for cycling to the Top of Mountain Kilimanjaro , One for Summit BOUND visitors(Its called KILEMA ROUTE) And Second One For the Non Summit Visitors through Shira Plateau to The Top OF Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tourists can fly from the Top Of Mount Kilimanjaro And Tourists May use Parachutes Or Wings while Undertaking this Activities.

Mawezi is highest Peak on Mountain Kilimanjaro the Technical Climbers can Hike the Present seven sub-peak enjoying the Views of Cliffs, Complex of gullies and rock faces.

Climbing to the TOP of AFRICANS Mount Kilimanjaro ON Uhuru – Kibo peak take 5days up to 9days depending on the Route. Seven mountain trails can take a climber to the mountain peak, easch route offering different Attractions and Challenges when you choose to Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro routes.

Visit ors can visit DayTrips in Day Tour Cites and Villages to the water falls ,Walking in Natural Trails ,Maund Crater , Cultures and Historical Site such as Kifinika , in the park, Lake Chala, and Cultures Camps in the around Villages.

Visit to the park and Experience the real side of an African Cultures where locals can share their Traditions and Live hood in Cultures Values, where you can contribute by improving their Livelihood in this ever changing a World.


TARRIFFS (Per person /Day ) 18% VAT Exclusive :

Conservations Fees East Africa Non East Africa Tanzania Residents $ Or
Citizen $ Equivalents

Age 16 years and above —-
age between 5 – 15 years —- —-


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