Athar Raza Sales Manager Director / Co-founder Athar Raza Farid is an IT technology support and Web master to Care About all System in GlossyAdventures Company Technically. He work Tireless to insure everything is going well to our Team for anyone who want to visit in Tanzania Safaris Availability... Equments, OutDoors- Flight Booking. Travel plan to African Safaris. A man who divides his year between the mountains and rivers of the Portugal Southwest. For more than 10 years, Athar Raza Farid has made his living as a Professional To sent Clients Or travellers Customers to African Safaris to Tanzania for Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, WildLife Bush Safaris Parks And Island Beach Holidays in Zanzibar's Tanzania During the summer, Athar and his Wife live in SINGAPORE before travel to move in Portugal and ATHAR RAZA FARID focuses his guiding In the winter months, ATHAR RAZA FARID migrates to higher ground and can be found guiding Equipment's, Gears and helicopter skiing and ski patrolling in the Wasatch Mountains in and MOUNTAINS HIMALAYA AND MOUNT EVEREST NEPAL. Traveling and spending time with his wife at their rural property in INDIA AND NEPAL are ATHAR RAZA FARID other passionate. Athar Raza Faridi desire to share the Earth’s most beautifully places to Visitors coupled with a natural knack for guiding and helping others has made him a perfect fit with World Wide in Adventures Lovers through our GlossyAdventures Company in Tanzania Projects in Asia and European.

Managing Director and Founder Assistant | IT technology system of glosyadventures