BARAKAEL - LUCAS LAIZER Our Head Senior of all Team Safari Guides at GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking and Safaris Travel Company : He is a fantastic Safari guide and very talented. Baraka El Lucas work with GlossyAdventures Company more than 5years ago, Baraka is humble and very professional , He speaks English and French language ,It’s as if he has a five senses for the animals. So he can sit very quietly behind the wheel to observe something and then suddenly starts with the car. Before you know it, you are standing by masses of wildebeest crossing the river exactly at that location. How could Barakael, Lucas know? Baraka has been working for years at GlossyAdventures Tours and Safaris Company as a Safari guide on the tank of Senior Guide of all team crews of Safari guide's specialist. He has a passion for nature that he can spend months in. Baraka Luca is the peace itself, has a lot of knowledgeable that it shares with you in a very calm way hope to meet with him soon as you can book your safari trip with us GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking and Safaris Travel Company Mainland Cities Plus Island Zanzibar East Africa Countries.

Head Senior Driver Safari Guide at glossyadventures Tours and Safaris Travel Company