CATHERINE RICHARD URASA GREW up At a Summer campus in Upstate TANZANIA ADVENTURES AND NATURALS LOVERS that her father directed. Needless to say, her life has been focused on Naturals Environments, NGO , Groups Community , OutDoors Adventures and environmental stewardship her whole life her to support local peoples .Orphanages and local Childrens. During undergraduate at the University of Redlands, she spent four months in Kenya and Uganda With SouthAfrican studying ecology in national parks and Women-Community conflict in local villages. After receiving her B.S. in Environmental Sciences, she spent a year living in The Republic of Congo DRC.. and working at a dive shop as a natural history Wildlife Guide. Catherine moved to starting work in 2018 in Our GlossyAdventures Group Team and began working for GlossyAdventures Company in Tanzania as the Sectary of Program and Director Relations Manager. She stepped away from GLOSSYADVETURES to pursue a master’s Deplomer in Environmental Sciences at the University of Tanzania. Upon completing her Educations, she was happy to return to her GlossyAdventures Company as a family as the Programmers Administrators. Catherine will be reporting from our Company locations in her self-converted GlossyAdventures Company min Tanzania.