NASSORO SHABANI MAWALA Head - Seniors Mountain Guide of all Guides at GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking and Safaris Travel Company Mainland Cities Plus Island Zanzibar Nassoro Shabani Mawala is one of our Tour Operator / Team Leader of all Climbers who e an to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with us Team GlossyAdventures Crew's , Nassoro is Mountaineering Climber & tour operator at GlossyAdventures most experienced mountain guides and has been part of our team since dayone when we started our Company from the Scratch at GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking & Safaris Travel Company, As Head Senior Guide and Team Leaders of all Mountain Kilimanjaro Routes Guides who work with us for trust, Nassoro leads Big groups to the top of Summit Roof of Africa on Kilimanjaro Top UHURU PEAK, making sure that not only all climbers are safe and enjoying their Experience, But also coordinating the many Crew members it takes to lead a bigger group to the Roof of Africa. He is a professionalism and responsible role model for other guides, always giving his very best and unique. Nassoro Studying Tourism at the College of African Wildlife Management Mweka in Moshi has equipped him with important expert knowledge and WFR for First Aid Kit for those climber if any problems or wrongly happen tumour tourists mountaineering Climbers . When the climbing gets tough, Nassoro Shabani Mawala reminds you that conquering Kilimanjaro is not a competition. It is just you and the mountain. Take it slowly slow to successfully the roof top, one step at a time Pole Pole. As Nassoro Slogan says has climbed Mount. Kilimanjaro more than 260 times together with GlossyAdventures Crew's Company. By the ways Nassoro and Rashid Co-founders of the GlossyAdventures Company For Long Relationships of Friends and family in all of these Trust's portfolio sincerely dayone, Nassoro and Rashid had been friendship like Brother's in their Dream come true , Nassoro and Rashid as Twin Brotherhood and together they are in life future generations.

Head mountain guide – senior guide and mount leader to all crews Guides at glossyadventures tours trekking and safari travel company