Rosalind Brown, Travel Advisor She help people to travel and plan their dream vacation both international and local with No Worry hassles free to traveling around the World Series, on Expeditions, Contact her for Tour programs and Hotel Booking rooms You can get it on page and website e. She spent many years of her childhood camping and exploring some of the great trails and lakes Utah has to offer! One of her fondest places to visit and camp is Mirror Lake in the Uintah Mountains. Her love for travel started at a young age, traveling to see family on the east coast, visiting New York City. Her experience spans to many different types of jobs; her favorite always being Travel and Hospitality. She hopes to travel out of the United States to experience many of the amazing places around the world, including the natural wonders and cultures that surround them. She is always ready to take on the next adventure! She is travel agency around the world the Team Leader - Expert in Global World travel services and Generally at manger and resident of the Company Dream Vacations and the representative for all Africa Countries through GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking& Safaris Travel in Tanzania Africa, if you want to travel anywhere around the WORLD, please contact him for our business services through ( Notes ) We provide 3types of service Prime Luxury price , Standard Midrange price and Budget price in operations of our travelers service's we offer from International Climbers people's on high Mountains Everaste peak, Himalaya mountain , Georgia Mountain , Mount Ararate and Africa Safaris in East Africa Countries Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Routes and Mount Meru in Tanzania, Mount Kenya in Kenya and Uganda Mount Gorrila Trek or Rwenzerro mount gorilla trek in Rwanda. He is also specialised in tourism industry especial in Wildlife Safari at GlossyAdventures Crew's team Co-operative groups and about Tanzania Arrangement of Trekking ,Wild Safari, DayTrip short safari, Volunteers Projects , SportTours Yoga, fitness ,Gym ,Runnimg and Cycling Biketrip ,Hotel Bookings Room , Flights Bookings , Airports Transfer and Transportation and many more at GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking and Safaris Travel Company in Mainland Cities Plus Island Zanzibar, Tanga Beach , pangani Island , Dar Es Salaam , Bagamoyo, Mafia Island Beach Holidays tour programs in all Tanzania and Many more customers services through at @GlossyAdventures.Com You are warmly welcomed to Tanzania Africa with us at GlossyAdventures Tours Trekking and Safaris Travel Company