ZAKARIA MASAWE — KILIMANJARO MOUNTAIN GUIDE - TANZANIA And Airport Pick Up At GLOSSYADVENTURES COMPANY. ZAKARIA MASAWE Received a Certificate of Wildlife Management through Mt. Meru and Mweka College of African Wildlife Managements. ZAKARIA has since acquired a decade of guiding experience, Making him an extremely knowledgeable and valuable Guideling our Clients On Top Roof Of African Summit. Zakaria has been part of the GlossyAdventures Company Team for over 2years, Providing our Custommers , Guests with Safe, informative, and high-quality of Services on Top Of Kilimanjaro Mountain and Africa Safaris Bush Park. Zakaria speaks fluent English and his native Swahili. On tour you can look forward to learning all there is to know about Africa’s flora and fauna as well as Tanzania’s natural history and culture even Beach Holidays in Zanzibar Tanzania. ZAKARIA Welcome you to GlossyAdventures Company in Tanzania for your Holidays time To African Places Tanzania.