atharfaridi Comments Off on My best trekking experience with Glossy Adventures and Trekohike Team

This was an amazing Trek from start to finish with a great group of people.
We had every kind of weather – rain, snow, hail, wind, mist, sunshine, thunder & lightning. It poured down every night, which made toilet trips a major mission, but the 2 days it counted – the Barranco Wall ascent and Summit night were clear and perfect conditions.
Climbing in snow from the start of the summit ascent was magical – clear, starry skies, the lights of the headlamps of climbers ahead and the steady crunch of snow under our boots punctuating the culmination of the Trek.
Standing atop this majestic mountain was emotional.
Don’t understimate the downward sections – gruelling on the knees – but as there was record snowfall this year, I did actually get to slide down most of the descent to basecamp (had a ball!).
I trained hard for this and am so glad that I did it when many thought I was slightly mad for attempting it at my age (60). The sense of achievement and the wonder of the natural beauty was worth all the blood, sweat and tears (okay maybe not blood……)