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I traveled with a friends and chose lemosho route 8 days (6 days up and 2 days down) this was the best travel and trekking experience in my life… It was a very unique one.

My friends and I appoint Glossy Adventures Team and this route because :
Safety was the number one concern before submitting. My friend around mid fifty didn’t want to risk any, and I have Altitude sickness symptoms… Doing research, my friends contacted many tour companies and asked a lot of safety questions, and Glossy Adventure was the only one that answered all questions and convinced us on the safety end.

Certainly, on my way to the top, I had a lots of critical issues my oxygen level dropping from 98% to 78% (normally going down if your oxygen drops below 75%) severe headache, nausea and vomiting, serious lack of sleep and appetite… I was ready to go down whenever my Glossy Adventure guides tell me to (yes ,I fully trusted them because I could tell they knew what they’re doing). Anyway I did my best and didn’t give up, and then my Glossy Adventure guides also did everything they could possibly do to bring me to the top – checking my pulse /oxygen etc more than two times per day.

One really cute and lovely thing was that all the porters in the camp knew that I was sick, and they always gave me words of care, encouragement, and help “kaka, Pole Pole, Hakuna Matata (brother go slowly, and don’t worry) “, “kaka, how do you feel now? Please drink more, Kaka, try to eat more”…

Finally standing on top of mt Kilimanjaro, my friends and I burst into cries out of joy. I was so glad that I didn’t give up on kil of course summiting is also very important lemosho route hike is good for acclimatization with over 98% summiting success rate..

Yup, that’s it. This is a really quick review… Well, I hope that all of you could climb mt kil and also make it to uhuru peak. Contact Glossy Adventure and consult them whenever you choose to go with them or not.
anyway they are the best one! 🙂 Good luck!