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Traveling light is a truly big challenge for women, is not it?

Women are well known for their shopping habits and packing heavy bags while traveling to a new place. However, sometimes it became a headache of traveling. If you are planning for Climbing Kilimanjaro, then it becomes harder if you don’t pack well.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the prime peaks among all the 7 summits of the world. Standing just next to the south equator, Kilimanjaro acquires 5,895m height. While climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro you have to cross 5 different climatic zones. So, getting prepare for those is truly essential. However, here all we will discuss the clothing gears for women. Pack all the essential clothing gears and make your bag Kili ready.

Why you need special clothing gears for Kilimanjaro?

If you are confused about why you need specific clothes for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, then here is the answer;

The highest peak of Kilimanjaro is the Uhuru peak that sits at a great elevation. Due to such a great height, the mountain forms its own geographical structure. This includes 5 different climatic zones traversing through various weather conditions. The 5 climatic zones you will cross respectively are; Cultivation zone, Rainforest zone, Heather-Mooreland zone, Alpine desert zone, and Arctic zone.

Cultivation Zone- Cultivation zone is the first zone that starts at 2,600 ft to 6,000 ft. You will find this zone at the starting of your hiking. This region of the mountain faces the highest volume of rainfall. Hence to protect yourself from rain you need to be prepared for the rain.

Rainforest Zone- This is the 2nd zone elevation from 6,000 ft to 9,000 ft. While crossing the second zone you will discover some dense green forestland, diverse flora, and decent wildlife.

Heather-Mooreland zone- Known as the 3rd zone of the mountain the rainforest zone elevates between 9,000ft to 13,000ft. This zone welcomes you with high temperature (around 40 degrees Celsius) however it drops immensely at night. This zone offers long grassy bushes, less rain, big heathers, and strong wind. Protecting from the sun is a big challenge in this zone.

The desert zone- The 4th zone that starts at 13,000ft and reaches up to 16,000ft is known as the alpine desert zone. This zone receives less than 8 inches of rainfall annually.

The Arctic zone- It is the last & 5th zone of Kilimanjaro. This is extremely cold and temperature sometimes drops till -29 degrees. Preparing well for meeting this windy, chilly zone is important.

To fight with the unpredictable weather and various climates proper clothing is needed. Here we present Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing special gears for women.

Base Layer-

Undear Wear- Pack at least 2 to 3 sport bras (if you are opting for higher days itinerary you can pack 4 to 5 numbers)

  • 2 x Thermal Long Sleeved Top- should be of thin wool material and perfect for walking
  • 4 x Tops- pack 1 to 2 half sleeved shirts and 2 ore more long full sleeved shirts
  • 2 x Fleece Jumpers- pack 2 fleece jumpers and make sure it should be warm and quick drying
  • 2 x leggings- pack 2 or more pairs of leggings
  • 1 or more wool blend shirt- pack at least 1 wool blend base layer shirt to stay protected from cold

Go for fleece or thermal inner wears so it will keep you warm from inside.

Mid Layer:

  • 1 light zip up jacket- you can go for a hooded one
  • Water proof rain pants- you can go pack one, it would be enough.
  • Thermal underwear- goes for fleece underwear
  • Glove liners- pack a pairs of glove liners or running gloves to keep your hands safe from sun burn
  • Mid layer is suitable for the zones where it gets a little chilly and the temperature drops

Women Packing List

Outer Layer-

  • Poncho or waterproof rain jacket- To keep yourself dry from the rainfall poncho or rain jacket is necessary
  • Down Jacket- Go for 1 warm down jacket
  • Insulated gloves- 1 pair of mitten gloves, choose a little large that will feet above your glove liner
  • Neck gaiter- you can go for a traditional buff or a fleece lined neck gaiter
  • Insulated snow pants- Get 1 size higher than your regular size as you are going to put it over all the other layers

Go for high quality and warm outer layers as it’s going to protect you from the chill and wind in your summit night.

Make sure all the clothing gears you bring are of good quality and protects you well during your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing from all the climatic zones you are going to meet. Choose light color clothes and if you are not going to attend any special occasion don’t bring any heavy cloths. You can rent all your clothing, camping, and hiking gears @ . It will truly make your bag lighter and keep you free of packing and travelling with huge bag packs

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