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Today We are Going to #Announce Our House🏠 an Apartment at its Location at Njiro-Nalopa Behind -Nearly #BAMPAS Petrol Station in Arusha City Tanzania.
This House🏠 #Apartment is Normal and Simple one…. It’s have 4 #Rooms | 2 public Toilets outside | 2 #Bothrooms inside | 1- #Dinning + #Sitting room | 1- #Kitchen | 1- Store and It has Big Areas surrounded by #flowers to Staying to refresh your Mind for our Guests.

_ _ _ We are Offering : Our private #Clients , #Tourists ‘ Guests whole #Customers who Booking with us through at #GlossyAdventures #Tours ‘ #Trekking & #Safaris #Travel #Company #Tanzania For free without any #Cost especially in #Sleeping and Breakfast only ‘ and Free #Wi_Fi Internet Networks in our House an Apartment ,We have Private #Cars for round Trips ,From our #Tourprograms Packages an Itineraries included only :

Apart from Our Clients who #Booking with Us ‘ We are Warmly and Mostly Welcome Everyone #Partners and all #Friends in our House🏠 ‘ Apartment and We have Free Internet Wi-Fi Networks in House , We are welcome you for Cheaper Prices | Outside from Our Clients We Charge | 1- Single Room + plus 1- #Bed + #Breakfast and included with 1- #Bathroom is 15$ Per a Night Or Day For #Non_Resident only. | in Resident from Tanzania , Kenya ‘ Uganda , Rwanda ‘ Burundi – DRC Congo and all #EastAfrica Community #Countries: They will pay 35,000Tzs Shillings Tanzania 💰 Money: in Tanzanian is 35,000 Tzs Shillings kwa usiku mmoja au Siku nzima.

But Also
( There is 1- #Double Room plus 2 #Beds + Plus #Breakfast and Included with 1- BathRoom 25$ Per a Night Or Day For Non-Resident only. | in Resident from #Tanzania , Kenya ‘ Uganda , Rwanda ‘ Burundi – DRC Congo and all East Africa Community Countries : They will pay 58,000 Tzs Shillings Tanzania 💰 Money: in Tanzanian is 58,000 Tzs Shillings kwa usiku mmoja au Siku nzima.


Most welcome to Our House BookNow in this Year’s Arusha from 1st June 2022 to 15th March 2023 for Amazing Offers

Calls Sales Directly or Tour Operators and Travel Managers Experts through in our
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Thanks for your time and consideration for your efforts in choosing us , Please Booking Trip Now.


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‘ The high #Season in Tanzania already Start from Mid #May 15-Day _Date to Highest Peak Seasons From #June, #July , #August , #September , #October , #November #December , #January and #February on Top Peak Seasons From Challenge Office all your tours begins on @June 1 starting dates update End of Mid #March 15-Day Date, When the Low Seasons Enter in Tanzania Safaris Country.

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